“I am the light in the Sun, the Moon and the stars.”

Recently I had quite interesting dream. Very often I receive lots of guidance and inspiration in my dreams. One spiritual master said once that it is one of the most prominent signs that your vibrations are changing: your dreams become more clear, positive, full of wisdom and direct guidance. Most of the lessons I receive in my dreams are very personal and not to be revealed in public. But some of them are really worthy of sharing. This dream was one of them.

In my dream I was living in some simple, wooden hut. I was cleaning it, while somebody knocked at my door. I knew from the beginning that it was a very special guest. From the outside she looked totally normal. Rather tall and a bit chubby lady with short, blond hair. But there was such an amazing aura and so much light emanating from her, that I could look at her all the time. Even when writing about her now, I feel immediately uplifted. Surely she was not just a normal human being. And then she said:

“I came to you, because I would like you to teach me meditation.”

I felt puzzled. Why would somebody who is already emanating so beautiful vibrations seek to learn something from me? I felt like it was rather myself, who had plenty to learn from her!

Detecting, that it was some Divine game, I invited her into my wooden hut. As it was a very small place, I invited her to sit on my bed, opposite to the huge window, through which sun was shining brightly. I asked her: “What is your problem? I can feel so much love and positive vibrations emanating from you! How can I possibly help you?”

The lady became a little bit sad. She said: “I try to be positive always. I try to do each of my actions with love and I try to show my heart to everybody. Yet, I am still not fully satisfied. There is often sadness and lack of fulfillment in me. I also experience severe pain in the spine. And no matter how positive I try to be, and how much love I try to give, the pain doesn’t heal.”

In that moment something special has happened inside of me. It happens to me often on my meditation courses. Inspiration comes from deep within my soul, and out of sudden, I know the answers for questions, which I didn’t know before. Immediately I knew, what is the problem of this beautiful soul. There are many such beautiful souls living on our planet now with very similar problem to hers. Yet, I didn’t want to give her a ready-made solution. I rather wanted her to discover the reason for her unhappiness on her own.

I asked her: “Do you know, what is the biggest healing power in the world?”

She said: “Love.

I replied: “Yes… And do you know, what is even bigger than Love?

She was silent. Then I asked her:

“Do you know what is the source of the healing power of Love?”

The lady was silent. We stayed in silence for a long time. Sun was shining brightly through the window. I remember, how beautiful and warm was its light. In one moment the lady stood up, came closer to the window, and just closed her eyes, enjoying the rays of sun on her face. Her beautiful vibrations had become stronger. It was for her a sacred moment of true soul connection.

Yet, she still didn’t understood. I felt that. So I tried to ask her one more time:

“Do you know what is the source of light in the Sun? What is the power behind the Sun?”

We stood in silence for a while longer. The answer didn’t come.

…and then the dream has finished.

I received some further guidance at the end of the dream, which is not to be shared here. Yet, for all this time, and for whole day yesterday, I could not put out of my head the image of this beautiful lady, shining so effortlessly her inner light, yet unable to reach true satisfaction and healing.

Yes, I’ve met some people like that on my way. They are truly beautiful souls. They always do good to others. They shine their inner light effortlessly and they are always positive. Their hearts have tremendous ability to love and embrace everything with compassion. How can a human like that be possibly not satisfied life, right?

These people are usually very old souls. They have read a lot of books about positive thinking, forgiving, spreading love and light, and they have put it into their daily practice. And when you are in their presence you just know, that they are simply good people.

They have just forgotten about one thing. They never asked themselves:

From where comes the power of Love? From where comes the power of forgiveness? From where comes the power to stay positive and spread light? What is its source?”

They have spent so much time on focusing on effects, that they forgotten to ponder about the Cause.

Rumi has said it so nicely: “Lucky is the person who comes to a lake for a water, but gets the reflection of the moon.

Like the moon is reflected in the water, so all good qualities hidden in human heart are just a reflection of a Higher Consciousness. Even a reflection is beautiful enough to make your life fulfilled to a certain extent. But as long as you focus only on the reflection, you will not get a full satisfaction. Because once the reflection is gone, you keep looking for it in a dried lake, instead of raising your head up and gazing at the Moon, which is always present in the sky.

Same is with most of us, humans. We get easily satisfied with a small reflection of the Divine Light in small, small things, instead of focusing on the greater Light hidden behind it. It’s not that you should not be grateful for small things. But if you are grateful for small things, only for the sake of small things, then once these things are gone, your happiness fades away along with them. But if you see the grace of the Divine in each of the small things in your life, and you recognize that each such small thing is just a reflection of something much greater, not only your gratefulness becomes bigger due to wider context, but also once any of the small things is gone, you are able to still remain grateful. Because the Divine grace is hidden not only in what you receive, but also in everything you lose.

“Look at the moon in the sky, not the one in the lake.”

This beautiful lady in my dream had all beautiful Divine qualities reflected in her. But one quality was missing: she didn’t had an inner connection with the Divine. And believe me, even if you have all the beautiful qualities reflected in your being, but you don’t have this intimate connection with your Higher Consciousness, you will always be on search. You will not reach full satisfaction.

I know many people like that. They are at the moment satisfied just with being “good human beings” and trying to spread love and light to everybody. That’s their religion, that’s their spirituality and that’s their God. But because they negate the necessity of maintaining this inner connection with the Divine, most of them do not find full satisfaction in life. So many of them reveal that simply “something is missing”. They are beautiful on the outside and emanate beautiful vibrations. But inside of them, they feel empty.

Interesting thing is that the lady in my dream was experiencing problems in the spine. It’s very symbolic. Spine symbolizes the very core of our being, our core values and beliefs, “the skeleton” on which our whole being is based. In a dream this was for me immediately a sign, that although she emanates so beautiful vibrations, the problem lies in the fact that the very core is missing – this inner connection with the Divine.

In the spine is located the most important energetic channel in a human being, called sushumna in the tradition of yoga. In Atma Kriya Yoga we learn to open up this energetic channel for a deeper connection with the Divine and undisturbed flow of life energy, due to energizing technique of breathing through this sacred channel. This scientific method deepens our connection with Higher Consciousness and allows it to freely flow through us. And, on physical level, it actually heals the spine. I have experienced it myself.

It is this inner connection between a human and a soul that we truly miss.

Being surrounded by loads of New Age philosophies, sometimes it’s easy to forget what is the main point of spiritual development. Vedas have predicted thousands of years ago, that true knowledge will be greatly distorted in our times, and instead of focusing on Supreme Cause and getting full benefit of it, people will rather focus on some little effects they can get, and due to that they will also get limited benefits from it.

But if people would just know, how much they can get from nourishing daily this intimate contact with Higher Consciousness, they would all run to it. Why would you be happy with just a few gold coins, if you have a whole treasure house within yourself? It’s hard to describe in words, what kind of feeling it is, when you get in touch with your true nature. Let Rumi’s words help me again, at the end of this post:

“I’m like an ant that’s gotten into the granary, ludicrously happy,
and trying to lug out a grain that’s way too big.”

– Rumi

I am just a traveller in the journey of life. A soul like you with few experiences to share, that may resonate with you as well. And, if we believe that nothing happens without a reason, even our meeting in this virtual space is for a purpose!