“Listen to silence. It has so much to say.”

– Rumi

Think about a moment in life, when you have some important question to ask. What is your first instinct? Where do you seek your answers?

Sadly, in our times, majority of people will answer: Google. Or, perhaps, YouTube.

In the deep past, in the times of ancient rishis and sages, when people were still living in tune with nature, away from the external noise of our modern world, whenever a yogi would have an important question to ask, what he would do? He would find a silent place, under a tree or perhaps close to a water stream…

…and he would meditate.

In our times, we have completely forgotten about the habit of meditation. Meditation, not just as one more addition to our daily routine, but meditation as a way to reconnect with our true, higher self. We don’t even know anymore what the word “meditation” means. Majority of people associate it with some thinking process, while true meditation is a complete absence of thinking.

It seems that many of us have forgotten about this golden habit of diving deep within ourselves, whenever we have some deep questions to ask. Instead, we are trying to get the answers from the Internet. We Google the answers out, we ask the “experts” and “gurus” on Facebook or YouTube. But how do you know that any of the “experts” have the right answers for you?

What is true to another person, doesn’t always need to be true or beneficial for you.

I have truly realised the extent of this unhealthy habit of “googling” the answers out, when I started my own YouTube channel in the beginning of this year. Suddenly, just because you have video online presence, people start to perceive you as some sort of expert or the person, they can ask literally any question: starting from deep philosophical questions and ending with personal ones. Like it even means anything in our times to have your own YouTube channel.

From where have we got this habit of seeking important answers outside of ourselves?

Perhaps it is a sort of spiritual laziness. We don’t even bother anymore to make our own effort to find our own answers. Instead, we find it easier to post our question on any forum and hope for an “easy” answer to come from somebody else. Yet, how will we ever grow your own intuition in this way? How will we ever cultivate our own inner wisdom and Divine intelligence?

How will we experience Divine guidance?

I remember that when I have just met my Gurudev, I used to ask him many questions in the beginning. He was truly patient and infinitely kind to answer them. But before he would give me any answer, he often asked: “And what do you feel?” In this way he taught me to always try and make my own effort to find the answer before I ask any question. And what truly helped me with that is Atma Kriya Yoga itself.

What Atma Kriya Yoga does, it doesn’t only still your mind and bring it back to silence, but it actually reconnects you with your true, higher self, where all the answers are ever present. When staying for some time in silence, after your kriya practice, you often don’t even need to ask any question – the answer will emerge by itself, when the right time comes. It is often in this silence after our kriya meditation, that we can experience the most profound insights.

So next time, when you will have a doubt or a question in your mind…

…just try to go to nature and be there in silence for a moment. Still your mind, listen to your breathing and your heartbeat, and connect to the Divine within.

There, at the core of your heart, lies the deepest wisdom – and it is accessible for everybody. For free.

This post was firstly published on Bhakti Marga Sadhana blog.


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