We look. But do we see?

This week we were invited with my husband by Indian ambassador to an inter-religious celebration of Diwali, festival of light. It was a particularly interesting experience for me, which I would like to share with you.

The event itself was organized in a grand way in the best hotel of Zagreb, Sheraton. There were many well-known personalities present, like ex-president of Croatia, Mr. Josipovic, ambassador of Russia, ambassador of Macedonia, ambassador of Serbia, and many more. To my great surprise, there were present also representatives of many different religions, like Christianity, Orthodox and Islam. After all, the light which we celebrate during Diwali is the Divine light of the soul, present in each one of us. It’s not exclusive for any religion. It gave me a great joy to see, how the world at large starts to realize this universal truth.

The whole event was held to establish a dialogue of unity and peace between different religions. I was deeply happy to see representatives of all religions coming there together to light a symbolic lamp of peace on Diwali – and this in a country, where catholic priest can tell you sometimes that practicing yoga is a sin! This particular event, even if it was a bit “on the surface”, was for me definitely the sign that the world is heading to a good direction.

Small memory from the event:

But this is not what I wanted to talk about.

Being a part of this event has opened my mind to many things.

Firstly, I made an interesting observation. When Indian ambassador, and then other politicians, as well as representatives of all the religions, had their speech, and were talking about the necessity of peace between religions and honoring the diversity, I was smiling gently, as this topic is particularly dear to my heart. My spiritual master, Paramahamsa Vishwananda, says so often about the need of honoring the diversity of all the religions, and realizing that there is only one Spirit inspiring all of them. That’s what true Diwali is: recognizing and honoring the light of the soul present in each one of us.

Then I had a look around the whole room to see the reactions of people. And I realised, that I am the only one smiling. Not that other people didn’t enjoy the speech. Smiling was simply not their natural state of being.

I remembered, how my spiritual master, Paramahamsa Vishwananda always says, that to smile is the easiest way to let our inner light shine into the world. He said once so beautifully:

“A smile is the cheapest thing in the world. It costs nothing. It’s just an act of the heart. But all find it the most difficult to give.”

And I was not the only person who made this observation. After the event, during the dinner, Indian ambassador said to me and my husband: “You are always so peaceful and smiling!”

And I just thought:

“Isn’t that normal?”

Having lived for so long according to spiritual principles of yoga, and being basically speaking constantly surrounded by people living their lives in similar way, or at least looking for that, it was for me a truly fascinating experience to realize, that certain amount of peacefulness is actually not a natural state of being for most of the people. It’s not that I didn’t knew it with my logic before. It’s just that I didn’t have the chance to actually face that in such a way.

On this event there were so many well-known figures of political life. If you look at them from the outside, you can say: “they have everything”. They have all the money they need, families, few ships and at least one private possession on some island. A dream of many. Right?

But then you look deeper into their eyes. You try to make eye contact. And it fully shocks you, how unhappy they are.

It was a powerful experience.

So many people there felt so disconnected to life itself. If you tried to go into conversation with them or look into their eyes for a while, you would feel that there is no connection, no true presence… That all is happening just on the surface. Mahavatar Babaji said so powerfully once about this state of being:

“Rocks sit in man’s eyes as if made of stone; immobile, cold, not alive. Why is this? One must develop “eyes to see”, if one is to transmute density into the knowledge and wisdom that All is Divine and all is alive.”

This is exactly how it felt. As if the eyes of some people were made of stone.

But wasn’t life supposed to mean something more?

If you try to look into the eyes of our contemporary celebrities, actors, singers or politicians, in most cases you will get exactly the same impression. They have their wealth and fame. And so much more. But do their eyes express the joy of life? The depth of wisdom? The beauty of the heart? The peacefulness of the soul?

We are missing so much in our daily rush.

We might have WiFi available everywhere. But it is the deeper connection between human and a soul that is truly missing. The Divine connection which shines through our eyes and makes us truly alive. And this connection is so much more accessible for each and everyone!

It’s all about having “the eyes to see”, which Jesus was talking about. When the eyes of the soul open, our whole life gets the new meaning and depth.

“The beauty of life resides in the eyes of the one, who is looking at it.” When we daily nurture our connection to the higher consciousness, and make our effort to try to see the Divinity in every person, situation and object around us, the way we perceive life changes enormously. We simply start to look at life with Love. And Love is changing everything. It doesn’t change only us. But it changes everybody around us. It shines through us. It’s visible through our eyes.

That’s also why darshan of Paramahamsa Vishwananda is such a powerful experience. When a fully realized being, who perceives the Divine at all times within himself and everybody around him, looks into your eyes, with pure, unconditional Love, seeing in you so much more, than you are possibly able to perceive in yourself at the moment, it changes you totally. Once your eyes meet with the eyes of such master, you can’t stay the same anymore.

It made me feel so grateful.

I felt tremendous gratitude after this event. Gratitude for having the possibility to meet my master, gratitude to having received Atma Kriya Yoga practice, which re-establishes this connection between a human and a soul, and finally gratitude for all changes that had happened in my life so far. Sometimes, when you don’t have anything to compare yourself to, it’s hard to notice the changes happening daily in our life, due to our meditation practice. But once you go into the “real” world, look into the eyes of people, you immediately get your motivation back. Because you experience that by you changing yourself, not only you will profit – but you will also contribute something of immense value to the lives of every human you come in contact with.

Our world definitely doesn’t need more people of “success”, like somebody accurately noticed. Our world needs more people, who are conscious and open-hearted. People who have a real connection with their souls. People, who have “the eyes to see” the beauty of the Divine in all. People who celebrate their inner light on daily basis, not only on occasion of Diwali.

And there is some good news. You can be one of them.

I am just a traveller in the journey of life. A soul like you with few experiences to share, that may resonate with you as well. And, if we believe that nothing happens without a reason, even our meeting in this virtual space is for a purpose!