Below you will find a beautiful meditation as given by my Gurudev, Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda.

“Picture in your mind a beautiful forest. This forest that you are picturing is your own creation, the creation of God within you. The same way that God created the world – by the willpower, by the power of word – create this beautiful forest inside you. This forest will wear your name, each one. And in this forest there is just peace and love.

Each tree in this forest is your own reflection. It is your Self. This is the kingdom of the plant.

Picture in the mind the animal you love most – you can also see lots of animals. Be in the super-conscious. You are part of the creation of the animal kingdom. See yourself in all the animals you are creating. There you are also present in the animal kingdom.

Picture yourself as being in a mighty mountain. You are also present in it. Each stone on it is your creation. See yourself as being the mountain.

Create the whole sky with lots of stars. Each one of the shining stars is your Self.

Picture yourself in any Divine form that you like very much and say to this form, “You and I, there is no difference. We are one.” And listen to this inner conversation – between the form you have created and your self. Listen to it. You will see He is laughing at it: “Finally, you understand.”

“Finally, you have come to this point of knowing that you and I are one. You and all the whole creation are just one.”

And finally, see the merging of all in your body – that whatever you have imagined, whatever you have created in the power of the mind is present in you. Your body is just light – pure consciousness of God. You are the Christ consciousness, you are the Krishna consciousness, and you are the super-consciousness. Now, slowly open your eyes…

How was it, this small journey? Well, practice it! Keep reminding yourself that you are Divine. As you all remind yourself of being human, you will be just human. It’s so simple, if you can just always remind yourself of being love. Yes, we don’t really need to do big mantras, big japas, it’s just by reminding ourselves that we are love – we will be love. We will be in this world, but at the same time we will be Divine.

When the awareness that you are Divine blossoms inside of you, there will be no fear, no doubt, nothing!

This complete trust within you of being Divine will project so much joy and so much peace. But what I said before, be an instrument of the Divine always. So keep reminding yourself. Exercise, if you can sit down for an hour or more – every day. In this hour just be with you, your own Self and enjoy it. Enjoy being with your Self, and talk. You will see, deep inside there will be a voice coming out, each thing that you ask, you’ll receive an answer. If you want, you can write it down and meditate on it. Enjoy it, love it, and cherish it! That’s when you’ll be closer to yourself, closer to know and understand everybody.

Understand the whole creation of God – because actually it’s your own creation, the way you wanted the world to be – the way it is. Some people want war, they have it, some people want God, they also have it. Some people want illness, they also have it. Some people want the cure of the illness, they also have it. The way you make this mind think, you create it. If you want love, you will have it, if you want God, you will have it. It’s just that you want it! Want it without any doubt. Want it with a heart that really is calling for God, “God, I want You!” Because God is always with you.”

– Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda

I am just a traveller in the journey of life. A soul like you with few experiences to share, that may resonate with you as well. And, if we believe that nothing happens without a reason, even our meeting in this virtual space is for a purpose!