After my lifechanging experience in meditation, daily meditation became a big part of my life. Each day I felt more and more fascinated by the world of spirituality, and the spirituality of India became particularly dear to my heart.

Meditation with the mantra was my first love.

I could sit literally for hours and chant the mantra, either out loud, or in silence. In that times I didn’t even know much about the mantra. My yoga teacher just told me that chanting the mantra helps in transforming the negativity of the mind and awakens higher, Divine qualities within us. Still, this much information was enough for me to practice minimum 1000 repetitions per day!

My determination was coming from the awareness, that there is really a lot to be transformed within myself. I knew that I was rather complicated person, with not so easy past and loads of inner conflicts. My soul literally yearned for a change. And there was something within myself that was convincing me, that meditation with the mantra will help me in that change.

So I practiced. Every single day, and sometimes over the night. Minimum few hours a day.

And the changes started to come.

Again, similarly like my lifechanging meditation, experiences like that are hard to put into words. Of course, when you chant the mantra regularly, every single day, with full focus, you start to feel much more peaceful, balanced and somehow more “light” inside – like the mantra is literally taking some of your burden away and transforms it into something positive. Very quickly I started to notice how my emotions become more balanced, my self-confidence grows and I become much more open and creative. Inspiration starts to flow naturally from some higher source.

Yet, these are all just feelings – deeply beautiful and uplifting, but still feelings. But then the little miracles start to happen in life as well. And that’s when the real fun starts!

One of the first things I noticed, when I started to chant the mantra regularly, is that in contact with people, who would usually piss me off, I was somehow not able to get angry on them anymore.

Literally, not able. It was like if something within myself changed permanently, some little part of the bigger puzzle – and once it changed, it could not fit the old situation anymore. And I tell you, it’s really amazing to experience that.

Then comes a phase, when many of your old relations, which doesn’t serve you anymore, start to dissolve, but at the same time, many new people with similar frequency to yours, start to come into your life.

And then, slowly, people around you start to notice the change in you as well. “Oh, you look so good today! What happened?”, “Wow, you look somehow… shining… bright!”. I heard this sooo many times. It was a particular shock for the people, who didn’t see me for quite sometime and still remembered me as a rather depressed person!

But the most beautiful was the invisible.

Still, although all those outer changes were amazing and were for me a great reminder about why this mantra practice is really worthy of my time, the most beautiful things were happening inside of myself, far away from anybody’s eyes.

When we chant the mantra, the soul gets the opportunity to truly reconnect with the Divine, and the feeling of literally getting filled with Divine vibrations cannot be put into any words. It simply changes everything. The way you perceive the world, the way you talk, the way you act – all of that changes, and slowly you start to feel more and more in harmony with the universe. More and more into the present moment.

Through the mantra we literally experience (not only understand!) interconnectedness of everything that is, and this not only allows us to feel far more blissfull, effortless and conflict-free, but it is also actively affecting the choices that we make, which has a long-term effect on our whole life. The best thing is that unconsciously we start to make choices that are not only better for us, but are actually beneficial for other and the world as well.

For example, teaching meditation already for 8 years, I have noticed so many times like people who start to do meditation with the mantra out of sudden drop smoking (just like that, in one day) or become vegetarian. Nobody forces them to do so. The inner need just awakens within them and due to the change of their vibrations the change of habits becomes not only far more effortless and natural for them, but also longed for.

Now, some people would call it a miracle. I simply call it a change of frequency. With chanting the mantra it is somewhat like with tuning the radio. Once you tune to the higher frequency, you don’t want to hear anymore a chaotic noise of a disturbed signal. Your body itself starts to yearn for the right “music”!

I bet that most people start to practice meditation with the mantra because either they want to calm down the mind, get the relief from stress, or heal something within themselves. That was my reason, too. But when you start to chant the mantra daily, you actually get so much more. It’s hard to count all the blessings that we actually get from it.

But you can surely experience it yourself. If you want.

Almost 10 years have passed. But still, until today, meditation with the mantra is my dearest one and my daily practice. I can’t express how much goodness it has brought into my life, and that’s why I absolutely love sharing this with others. If you would like to start your journey with the mantra, but you don’t really know where to start, please, feel most welcome to write to me. There is a whole new dimension of living for you to discover!

I am just a traveller in the journey of life. A soul like you with few experiences to share, that may resonate with you as well. And, if we believe that nothing happens without a reason, even our meeting in this virtual space is for a purpose!