Only here and now. It is the only time and space that one has. And only in present moment we can really surrender.

Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Surrender. Living in the present moment. We all have heard a lot about it. Right? But living it… That’s a completely new story.

To truly surrender, we need to trust first. We need to trust ourselves, we need to trust God, and we need to trust life itself. We need to feel deep inside that everything, what comes on our way is always right. Always for the higher purpose. Always happening for us, but never against us.

Today I am after my first Atma Kriya Yoga course since I moved to Croatia. In Poland I used to teach meditation really a lot. It was the sole purpose of my life. There were months, when I was each week in different city, travelling, sharing, teaching. Since I moved to Croatia, I was missing teaching a lot. On such courses, like Atma Kriya Yoga course, real miracles do happen. But here, a language barrier was too strong for me to teach such a complex meditation technique fluently in a language in which I still have so small experience.

Yet, something “pushed me” from inside, to make Atma Kriya Yoga course in English. I was not expecting that anybody would really turn up. There are not so many English speakers living in Split, and among those few that are here, probably even smaller amount of them are serious spiritual seekers. Atma Kriya Yoga is a very precious technique and exclusive to really mature souls. People who are not ready for it, are not able to receive it. I have seen so many times, how all kinds of obstacles were appearing on the way of people, who were not spiritually ready to receive Atma Kriya Yoga. Somebody breaks a leg, a car gets broken, out of sudden there is no money for the course… Ego is extremely creative in arranging such outer circumstances, so the person cannot reach the course. In the end, only those, who really want Atma Kriya Yoga and who are really ready for it, are the ones who are coming. They are guided to it by their own Higher Consciousness.
I call them “the blessed ones”.
And so it was today. There were quite a few people interested in the course (surprisingly!), but this time it was meant just for one beautiful soul to be there and to learn those precious techniques. Lord Krishna has got the point in Bhagavad Gita:

“Amongst thousands of persons, hardly one strives for perfection; and amongst those who have achieved perfection, hardly one knows me in truth.”

I am always astonished how everything is arranged just perfectly on each Atma Kriya Yoga course. These ancient techniques hold the blessings of the true, self-realized masters, and it is this blessing that makes them really special. Nowadays people think that it’s enough if they just read about some techniques in some books. Google has definitely become the most popular guru of our times! But believe me, it is so different, when you actually receive the technique in the form of initiation directly from the master.
In ancient times such sacred techniques were given only by realized Masters.
Atma Kriya Yoga comes directly from Mahavatar Babaji, ageless yogi from the Himalayas, and was brought to the West by Paramahamsa Vishwananda. These are thousands-years old techniques, which are described already in Vedas. These kriyas (from sanskrit: “actions of consciousness”) are not just powerful exercises transforming us on deep, energetical level, but they are true keys to unlock the potential of the human soul.
Through specific pranayamas (breathing techniques), mudras (gestures), asanas (positions), mantras and meditation techniques, they purify our energy channels, harmonise our chakras and uplift our consciousness, so the Divine life force can flow freely through us, and so our soul’s true potential can be truly manifested through us.
But the techniques are not the most important part here.
Shaktipath is this “secret ingredient”, which makes Atma Kriya Yoga so special and so different from other techniques. It is the transfer of energy (shakti) directly from the realized master, which actually unlocks our potential to utilize those techniques for our benefit. On Atma Kriya Yoga course the Atma Kriya Yoga teacher is the mediator for this powerful energy to be transferred to the practitioner. But this blessing never comes from the teacher – it comes directly from the master, which gave Atma Kriya Yoga to this world. Teacher is barely an instrument through which this energy flows in the moment of initiation. In fact, during whole Atma Kriya Yoga course the teacher is barely an instrument, through which the masters are acting.

I still remember my first Atma Kriya Yoga course. It was 8 years ago. It was my first meditation course ever, so I prepared myself really well. I made tones of notes, and arranged them nicely. You see, Atma Kriya Yoga is a really vast science, and there are plenty of interesting things that can be said about those sacred techniques. I planned to say so many of those interesting things!

But God had another plan.

The moment I opened my mouth, I already knew that it is not me speaking. I planned very nicely a whole introduction talk. But here I was, talking about something totally different, about the topics, about which I would not even think before… and it was beautiful. It was simply flowing. I knew already, that it is not me anymore. I was barely a tool for something “more” to get manifested.

Yet, in one moment of the course, I’ve got scared, when I realized, that… I ceased to understand, what am I saying at all. It was quite important moment of the course, when I was explaining one of the techniques and it was absolutely essential to do it correctly. It was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had. My mouth were opening and the words were coming out of it. The words in my native language. And I was not able to understand a word. Inwardly, I was just praying: “God, please, just make sure I describe this technique correctly, because I cannot understand what am I saying!” As that course was recorded, later on I realized, that everything was completely fine in that moment of the course. Nobody noticed what was happening inside of me in that moment and the technique was described brilliantly – far better than I would ever do consciously!

That was for me a powerful lesson of surrender.
In life, most often, we rather want to have control over everything. The concept of surrender and being in the present moment got almost completely lost in today’s world. That’s why our world is lead by fear. The need to control arises from fear, while the ability to surrender is Love’s domain.

Atma Kriya Yoga is the yoga of surrender. It is the yoga of surrendering our lower nature and all of our thoughts and actions to the Soul. And it’s the yoga of surrendering the Soul to the Divine within us. It is not just another meditation practice, like so many others. It is a powerful tool for spiritual transformation and living a soul-centered life. It’s not the yoga for the body – it’s the yoga for consciousness.

That’s why it also works very differently from other meditation practices. Every Atma Kriya Yoga practitioner can say that. Usually, in meditation practice, it is your own effort that plays the biggest role. You put your effort, and you get the outcome of your meditation. But in Atma Kriya Yoga it works differently. Once the person gets the shaktipath, vedic initiation, the Divine energy starts to work within a person on its own.

Of course, to activate it, you still need to do the techniques. But due to this Divine shakti energizing the whole body and mind of the practitioner, the practice goes much more smoothly and it works on its own. I’ve heard so many practitioners saying, that after shaktipath, they immediately felt how effortless becomes their Atma Kriya Yoga practice, and how natural became for them all these breathing techniques and exercises. Even today, the person whom I just initiated, said that she felt really wonderful after the initiation and that she literally felt, how the practice becomes easier and more effortless. “Like it is done on its own.”

That’s why Atma Kriya Yoga brings such a powerful transformation into the life of each practitioner. It allows us to truly experience the power of surrender and it gives us the direct experience, that when we truly surrender to the Divine within us, when we fully trust our soul, there is nothing to lose – on the contrary, every action becomes more effortless and Divine. After all, the power of surrender is one of the most transformative forces in life.

And when we surrender to the Divine… we become divine.
Life becomes truly divine with Atma Kriya Yoga. It would take countless pages to write about all the beauty of this ancient spiritual practice, and my heart yearns to share with you so much more! But I know that in this particular matter words are useless. Certain things must be experienced, and there is no way to transfer certain feelings by mere words. If you ever get inspired to know more about Atma Kriya Yoga, feel most welcome to contact me.


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I am just a traveller in the journey of life. A soul like you with few experiences to share, that may resonate with you as well. And, if we believe that nothing happens without a reason, even our meeting in this virtual space is for a purpose!