“O soul before all souls,
O mine before all mines,
O moment before all moments,
O my very own, O my very own!”

– Rumi

The Soul. The mystery hidden in a human being. The Great Observer of each of our thoughts, words and actions. Although it pervades our whole body, mind and senses, it is beyond the reach of any of them. Hidden behind each heartbeat and each breath, the Soul stays as a Secret within a human being, until we consciously choose to turn our hearts into its direction.

Thousands of years ago, humans had far more natural connection with the Soul.

Living close to nature and spending more time in solitude were creating a natural environment for contemplation and exploring our inner space. Sadly, those days, there are very few people, who even remember that they have a soul. Walking through the streets of today’s world, sometimes it makes me really sad to see, how few eyes are reflecting this soul connection. People live their lives, they act, they talk and they think, but the soul is absent in their words, thoughts and deeds.
How come that we have forgotten our own origin?
Many factors lie at the root of this spiritual amnesia. Over hundreds of years not only have we lost our connection with nature, but with the process of life itself. The most horrific result of that is daily massacre made on animals behind the thick walls of slaughterhouses, so few humans can have a pleasure of eating meat. We do not see it, so it doesn’t bother us. Our disconnection from life went so far, that as long as the pain of another being is not placed right in front of our eyes, we don’t bother ourselves too much with it. How come that a human being, who has a Divine soul and a feeling heart has fallen so low, to turn completely callous when seeing the pain of another?
It is because we have forgotten, that there is something more within each one of us. We had forgotten our soul, and along with it our Divinity. And once this connection is forgotten, everything becomes messed up. Why? Because the Divine is the only such a frequency, which harmonizes everything and makes everything fall into the right place.

When I truly felt my soul for the first time in this life (you can read the whole story here), it was a deep spiritual shock for me. I could not understand, how could I forget it for so long? How could I become so separated from this Secret hidden in my own heart, which keeps reminding me of itself with each and every heartbeat?

I felt like coming home. And the “home” was within.
I can hardly express in words, what a feeling it is, when you think of yourself as being just a limited human being, and suddenly you rediscover the ancient connection with your soul, your Higher Self – the dearest and the closest to you, who was always there for you, even when you had completely forgotten about it. Your whole life changes in a fraction of second. And it’s not only my experience. Over the years I have met so many people, who have experienced the same re-connection with their soul and their lives had changed totally. And once you experience it, you will always long for it. Once you experience this magnificent stream of Divine energy moving through your body and filling you to the brim, you will yearn to feel this fullness again.
Because when the soul starts to express itself through your thoughts, words and actions, everything changes. It doesn’t only change the way you feel inside, but it literally changes your life. When you start being more and more in contact with your soul, your vibrations get naturally raised, and you become a magnet for all that is auspicious.

Yet, in our age it’s not so easy to cultivate this soul connection in each and every moment of our lives. Even for those who meditate daily it is sometimes a challenge to bring the same soul connection, which they experience in meditation, into their daily life. Even if you experience your soul once, it’s very easy to forget about it again, when some outer circumstances distract you.

Luckily, there is a cure for this spiritual amnesia. And it has 5000 years.
Ancient rishis, the great seers of Himalayas, predicted that in our age it will be very difficult for a human to cultivate this inner soul connection. Due to disconnection from nature itself, human will also forget about its connection with the Spirit, and thus will forget about his own potential. These ancient rishis understood through Divine guidance a scientific process of tuning the human to Divine frequencies of the soul. Now, when it truly seems that our world needs it the most, this secret knowledge was brought back to the world, by Mahavatar Babaji, ageless yogi of the Himalayas, and a guru of my spiritual master, Paramahamsa Vishwananda.

It is called Atma Kriya Yoga. It is the science of reuniting the human with his Divine soul.

Within each human being there is not only a physical body, but the energy body as well. And as our physical body consists of many nerves combined into whole nervous system, through which we perceive the world, so our energy body consists of countless nadis, energy channels, connected into one system. These energy channels are like antennae receiving and emanating different vibrations, through which we interact with the world around us. And among these countless “energetic antennae” there is the most important one, called sushumna nadi, located in the spine – the most subtle energy channel, through which we receive the Divine energy from the Source itself. This Divine energy, which in reality is the Soul of Soul itself, sustains our lives in each and every moment. Yet, it manifests differently through each one of us.
If the same Divine energy sustains life of each one of us, why it manifests so differently? – you may ask.
Look at the river Ganges, the sacred river of India. When it springs in the Himalayas, it is crystal clear. Yet, the lower regions it enters, the more polluted it becomes. Similar thing is happening within our energy body. When the Divine energy enters through the top of our head into our energy system, it firstly flows through our chakras, six energy points located within our spine, in sushumna nadi. When these energy points are not “spiritualised” or tuned into higher vibrations, this Divine energy easily gets wasted on lower frequencies and manifests as greatly diluted – similarly like essential oil diluted in water cannot have so strong fragrance as pure essence.
Think of these energy centers as your main antennae for receiving the Divine vibrations. The soul is ever present with you. The Divine energy flows into you all the time, supporting your life. Your “antennae” are always there, as well. But are you consciously tuning your inner “antennae” to the frequency of the soul?

That is exactly what Atma Kriya Yoga is doing. With the help of ancient spiritual practices, such as mantras, mudras, asanas and other kriyas, it literally tunes us to higher frequencies of the Soul.

Atma means “the soul”. Kriya means “action”. Yoga means “unity”.
Atma Kriya Yoga is a science of unifying and attuning our actions to the frequency of the soul, the Divinity within us. What makes it really different from other spiritual practices is that you will not feel its effect only for these few minutes, when you sit in meditation. Your whole life will become transformed. The more you will tune yourself to Divine vibrations, the more you will feel how Divine energy, Divine love, Divine inspiration and Divine peace start to flow and manifest through you effortlessly.
And if you haven’t experienced it yet, it’s hard for me to even explain to you, how much the quality of life will change, once you will start “dating” your Soul on daily basis. The more you become centered in your true being, the more everything around you start to fall into place. Your Soul becomes like a secret music hidden within you, which starts to guide each of your steps. Your whole way of living becomes more intuitive and effortless.
In Vedas it is written, that heaven is a place, “where each word is a song, each step is a dance, and each breath is bliss”. If that’s heaven, you can experience it through Atma Kriya Yoga
And no one can stay the same after meeting one’s own Soul.
Soon, on 16-22 September 2018 I am going to have an in-depth Atma Kriya Yoga retreat in lovely island Hvar. Each Atma Kriya Yoga course or retreat is a really special and unforgettable experience. After all, it’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to finally rediscover your soul’s true potential. But once you learn Atma Kriya Yoga, it becomes for you an everyday practice and everyday experience of your own Divinity.
The course fee is 750 hrk. During the two days of the course you will not only receive the detailed knowledge about all the techniques, but also a manual printed in color, and above all: the initiation into secret kriya techniques, which will become your lifetime gift and a daily meditation practice. After 10 years of practicing Atma Kriya Yoga, I can truly tell you, there is no price that can possibly balance this gift.

Atma Kriya Yoga is a daily inner pilgrimage through the layers of your heart to meet with your soul, face to face. For the first time ever you will have an opportunity to learn this beautiful ancient yogic practice in Mumbai. Click here to know more.

I am just a traveller in the journey of life. A soul like you with few experiences to share, that may resonate with you as well. And, if we believe that nothing happens without a reason, even our meeting in this virtual space is for a purpose!