“First birthday is when one is born into this physical world, and second one is when one meets his Satguru, because only then real life starts.”

– Paramahamsa Vishwananda

When Guru enters one’s life, everything changes.

I look back at my life, before 10 years, just before I’ve met my Satguru, and I can barely refer to the person I was before I met him. It really does feel like my real started only after I have met Paramahamsa Vishwananda.

When the Master enters your life, the Divine grace enters your life. A grace, which doesn’t only change you and your heart, on the deepest possible level, a grace, which doesn’t only nourish your soul, but a grace that changes everything around you as well. Small daily miracles are almost a routine for each devotee of Paramahamsa Vishwananda.

And sometimes those small miracles become really big.

One of our journeys was particularly rich in those “spectacular” miracles. We planned it as a really long journey this time. We were supposed to travel by car from Split to Bratislava (for darshan of Guruji), then to catch a plane to London for 3 more darshans, and then to return back to Croatia through Europe by bus, stopping by at Shree Peetha Nilaya, our Gurudev’s main ashram in Germany. All in all, a pretty long journey.

We planned every part of the journey carefully (even though we know, that with Guruji plans are always subject to changes). Except one thing: we had absolutely no money for all this journey, apart from tickets to London, which we purchased some months before.

I remember the day, when we were about to start our tour de Europe. We were packing our stuff together, peacefully. In about two hours a friend, who would drive us, was supposed to come and collect us. And we still had not a dime to pay for this journey. But somehow we felt very peaceful and confident in God’s grace.

An hour passed. And then something interesting happened. It felt literally like Divine guidance. I wrote a short message to one person with one business proposition. The person happened to be online. We closed a deal within half hour, with the money arriving to us immediately. Literally a half hour before the huge journey across the Europe, the money materialised itself.

This is what happens, when you trust in Divine guidance.

But that was just the beginning.

When we arrived to Bratislava, there was one more sweet surprise awaiting us. We booked our place in some funny hotel, where each room had a different word on a wall. As there were plenty of other devotees staying at the same hotel, we took a short tour over the rooms, to see, which word everybody has. Mostly these were just some meaningless things, like “hello”, “freddie”, “hi”, etc. But when we entered our room, we saw there something more interesting, which immediately brought big smiles on our faces. See yourself on the picture on the right.

When you see, how God is taking care of even such small details, it makes you think, how everything is always planned perfectly by Him in our lives. There are no coincidences. Not with Guruji.

And that was just the beginning of our journey.

After a beautiful and powerful darshan in Bratislava (which ended up early in the morning, which gave us no chance to enjoy our “bliss” room), we started off to London. In UK my aunt has invited us to stay at her place in Bournemouth for a few days. It was really enjoyable time for us. Not only we could rest for a while in the middle of our long journey, but we also had an opportunity to talk with my aunt a little about Guruji and our unordinary way of living. It is always so beautiful to observe, how people change gradually, when they listen to stories about Guruji. Moments like that really make us, as devotees, appreciate his presence in our lives. After being with Guruji already for ten years it seems to us so normal to feel his guidance every single day of our lives and to experience all those miracles that happen along our way with him, that we sometimes forget to truly appreciate them.

My aunt was listening to all our stories with shining eyes and a desire to visit Guruji, awakened in her as well. It was just a few days before darshans in Manchester and London. She was already planning her journey to London and checking the buses.

But God had a very nice surprise for her.

Last day, when we were about to leave Bournemouth, to join Guruji on his darshans in Manchester as well, my aunt and her little daughter went with us to the bus station. While we were waiting for the bus and talking, my aunt’s daughter was jumping around the station and discovering its mysteries. After spending a while around ticket machine she came back to us with a piece of paper in her hands, saying:

“Mummy, look! It is a ticket for you!”

Firstly we thought that she just brought a receipt, which somebody might have left at the ticket machine and we told her to put it back. But then we took a closer look. And we couldn’t believe what we are looking at.

It was a Bournemouth – London return ticket.

But wait! It wasn’t just “some” Bournemouth – London return ticket. It was the exact ticket, my aunt would need in order to go on the darshan of Paramahamsa Vishwananda in London and return back to Bournemouth. In fact, the funny thing was, the ticket had even exact hours my aunt was about to chose, when she was checking the tickets over the internet.

As you can probably imagine, the reaction of my aunt was very close to heart-attack. She was just shocked. She couldn’t believe, what is happening. She just never experienced such a tangible proof of God’s guidance in her life before. It was the first time, when I saw God knocking at somebody’s doors so powerfully. It was literally like He was saying: “Hey, I am here. I was always here for you.”

And once something like that happens, you cannot stay the same.

This is what is truly amazing, when you are on the path with your Satguru. All the miracles, which you can only read about in books, and God’s tangible presence in your life, become a part of your daily life. Yet, God finds many miraculous ways to surprise you over and over again. And He never gets tired.

And it was just the beginning of our journey through Europe, under the guidance of our Beloved Satguru. There were couple of more miracles that happened during this particular journey, but that would need to wait for the next blog post. After all, it’s never about the miracles – it is about Who is standing behind them and what they are reminding us of: a constant presence of the Divine.

I am just a traveller in the journey of life. A soul like you with few experiences to share, that may resonate with you as well. And, if we believe that nothing happens without a reason, even our meeting in this virtual space is for a purpose!